Family and Siblings
           My family has always been understandable loving, and very close to each other. We always reach out for a family member’s hand when we need it. I have a sister a year younger than me and an older brother who’s 22. My mom has always been my inspiration, and has taught me a lot trough out life. Like a saying that she would always tell me,” always keep your head up and never look back. She’s a very strong woman and also very loving. I couldn’t ask for a better beautiful mom. Same with my dad, but unfortunately his not with us at this time to support us. We only hope to see him soon with good health. We also have more family which is my mom’s brother, who has two young sons and other one who’s already going to college. We are a very close family because we only have each other here, and the rest of the family is in Mexico. We all get together for birthdays and holidays.


                My life changed when I dropped out of high school and started working to help my mom. I missed school a lot and I didn’t want to end my dream there. I’ve always wanted see a paper with my name that says that I have completed high school at least. I couldn’t just give up on my study’s so I decided to go back and get my GED. I was working a lot at that time so I stopped going to classes when I was so close to get a diploma. I didn’t know what do with my life, if to give up or get back on track. So after I got the chance at Yampah High School I was getting the help no other school could give me. My life got back on track I have a job that’s supporting my family and myself, and plus I’m learning more than I was expecting. I made good friends at school and now I have a picture of what I want to do with myself after High School, thanks to the great teachers at Yampah. Now I’m enjoying life and supporting my mom, and I try to help her out the most I can because she’s the reason I’m doing better.

Birth Story:

            I was born on May 18th, 1992 at about 3:30 am. My mom said she was going through deep pain when she was going to give birth to me. My dad was really nervous but at the same time really happy because his first son was going to be born. After the seizure my dad left the hospital to celebrate his first born child. Mom was sad about my dad leaving her at the hospital by herself. The next day after my mom gets out of the hospital she receives some strange news about how she had to be at a place called “La Playa Azul” with her new born son. When she arrives at the place my dad is standing there with “El Mariachi” and a bunch of flowers. My dad was sort off drunk already, and my mom is not happy when his drinking. So that day he promised to stop drinking for her and his new born son. His new family was the reason he stopped drinking, my mom was really happy at the end.

My Mother:

          My mom was the third child out of 11 brothers and sisters. They come from a poor family but with a really strong heart. I’m really lucky to have a mother like her because, she always thought me to never give up and not care about what people thought of me. I’ve always looked up on my mom than on my dad because she has been there for me more than my dad has. She’s a really strong woman and knows a lot about life. She thought me how to be strong and helped me through my most difficult times in my life. My mom is the one that understands me the most she’s my bestfriend.