What makes a Good Parent?

            A good parent is someone who is going to be there for their kids since the first day they are born. I think that the dad is got to be the biggest example in the family because usually they go through more in life. A good parent is when you talk to your child about what’s good and what’s bad, when you think it’s the right moment. Usually a lot of kids don’t get taught about what’s good and what’s bad, so they go and do poor choices in their life’s. Showing love to your kids always makes a good parent because that’s what makes a good kid growing up and they know they got to do the same thing when they have children of their own. Having peasants is always important because there is a big percentage of kids in this country who get treated bad by their parents. That’s when I ask myself, why do people even have kids when they know that there not going to treat them right?

            But for my brothers and I it was different, we resaved love from both of our parents. They always gave us love and took us everywhere when we were smaller. My mom would always cook for us and she still does. My dad is a really good cook too, but can’t decide who’s better. We miss our dad like no other and we wish he was still here for us. But I thank both of my parent’s for giving us the best they could, so one day I can I do better for my own children.

Religious/Spiritual Beliefs

          I have always been a catholic since I was a little boy. I did my first communion when I was 10. I’ve always liked going to church since I was small, and used to play the drums for the church group. My mom did her first communion at a Christian church, but before that she was catholic too. She switched to a different church because she said she wasn’t learning the things she wanted to learn. When she first went to a Christian church she knew she wanted to stay there. Since then ive been going to her Christian church but I don’t consider myself one. The people seem nicer and there just more activities going on that make you learn. I attend at the youth group to help teach the younger what I know. It’s fun and I enjoy it.

Strengths, Talents, Gifts, and Positive Characteristics

          I think that god brought me to this world to make something of myself with all the talents I have. I’m a person who understands and learns fast. I’m always pushing myself to be ahead of the game. I keep myself from getting in trouble by staying active. I try to play some sport every day. Sometimes I like to take hikes when I have that extra energy. I like to make pottery because it relaxes me and takes all my stress away. Drawing keeps me from going out, sometimes I can spend hours making a sketch perfect. Since I was a little boy till now I always liked messing with instruments, and loved playing the drums. I’m really good at playing drums, I used to be in a band a year ago for more than a two years. I learned a lot with them to bad there was conflicts with the group members and caused a split up.  Another talent is drawing; I love to draw on my spare time and draw whatever coughs my eye. I’ve always liked playing basketball with my class mates since I was in middle school. I made a lot of friends because I was a good player. Another favorite sport has always been soccer, and only played my freshman year and never went back the next year because I fractured my ankle.

            I have a couple of my good strengths are that I can judge some ones mood and respond to them. I’m also aware of my own moods and know how to manage them.  I can solve problems and gain perspective. I have a way of looking at the world that makes sense and is helpful to myself and others. I like to deal with challenges and difficult situations that can even be dangerous, to make me better in life. This helps me to have courage and become fearless it whatever type of situation life brings me.