There’s nobody perfect in this world including myself. Sometimes I need to get out of my house because I’m a really impenitent person at times. I’m always a really active person and likes to be doing something all the time. I’m also learning to control myself esteem because I used to have a problem. Going out to party’s is a weakness but I have put a limit where i only take one day of my weak to hang out with friends, and the rest to do productive things of my own. I need to keep going to youth group to keep learning more about god and the great paths that he could lead me to. I also need to spend more time with my mom and sister since we now are growing up without a father.

 I used to hang out with very bad influences which led me to not graduate with my class, but once I saw that they weren’t my real friends I started to get back on my feet by myself and went back to school. I made poor choices in the past, but I learned from them. Life means more than just going out with friends or just sitting on your couch watching TV all day. Life is about going out there and doing what you love doing the best. Staying positive and active is always good, and keeping your mind busy on sports or working.


          There are many beautiful places that I’ve been to and that i want to visit. A place that I won’t forget how beautiful and different was Meza Verde. It looks so historical, and it keeps you thinking how they could still be standing when they are made of clay, and mud. Another nice place that I really liked hiking and camping was pawnee grass lands. It was out in the open space and mostly desert but there was places where there was big rocks you can sit on and look at the beautiful view in front of you. I sat on a rock good for a while and wrote on my journal.

One day when I know I have the enough money to survive somewhere else I would go to japan and live. That’s one of my main goals in life to make it to the other side of the world. I choose this place because they have a couple of my favorites stores and also because I have a thing for Asian girls, maybe I can marry one, one day.

 Keys to My Future Happiness:

          To start of I would like to say that if you love and trust yourself on anything nothing is impossible, which makes this a key to my future. Choosing the right steps to success, which are staying in school and having a job to support myself. I plan to have only a few friends who are going to help me and lead me to a better future. This is only going to be a few people because I like having a lot of my social time. On my own time I plan to be a personal trainer and having my own place to live, so I can become more responsible which I’m ready to do as soon as I get graduate from High School. This is going to help me see things from another perspective and learn from a lot of my mistakes in the past. I want to shoot for my main goals in life once I get a good job, and also study a lot to start taking basics in college. Once I complete these goals I want to move to a different continent to help poor families on getting education for their children because I believe that everyone deserves an education. To be successful in life I’m going to go by my rules and my rules are going to be to always be responsible make the right choices and stay away from bad influences. These are the most important keys to my future happiness.